Live Painting Performance by G-STAKIS

On the 10th of December, GSTAKIS brought the energy of Art Basel to Tuscan Prime for Ladies Night. GSTAKIS showcased his talents by creating a masterpiece during the night while exhibiting his unique artwork.

BIO: A fiercely independent artist, GSTAKIS opted out of the conventional gallery route, choosing instead to curate live painting performances and pop-up exhibitions throughout South Florida. Within due time, his eclectic and neon-accented style has attracted high-end commissions that have adorned the walls of hotels and restaurants in L.A., Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and New York City. 

With commercial brand collaborations under his belt, GSTAKIS is forging a blueprint for a new generation of self-made artists. To see his latest works, visit his Instagram: @gstakis.

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