How To Create An Award-Winning Wine List

We at Tuscan Prime have been working diligently to develop an award-winning wine list and can’t wait to share it with you! Creating a wine list is a very involved and intricate project. It is our belief that to create a great wine list the following items are essential:

1. MENU, MENU, MENU! A great wine list should always compliment a Chef’s creations. Setting aim for pairing your wines beautifully with the menu will provide you with guidelines to follow so it is perfect. After all, there are millions of wines in the world to choose from!

2. QUALITY AND GREAT EXPRESSIONS, ALWAYS! The world of wine is huge, options are nearly limitless, so after narrowing your list to a scope that compliments the Chef’s menu it is now time to start making some choices. Be at from old world or new, larger producers or boutique, selections for your wine program should always taste above their price point.

3. GET CREATIVE! With the menu as your ultimate guide get creative with your selections. Here you have an opportunity to provide a familiar and yet unique and special wine list for your guests. It is always a good idea to include well recognized producers that have stood the test of time. It’s equally important to include some well-crafted innovative options. Show your guests something they don’t see everyday and you’ll be surprised how many come back for more!

4. WINE IS FOR DRINKING! Be sure that you have included an array of superior wine at a variety of price points. Be it that you’re a wine aficionado and want to enjoy a limited production cellar OR if you want to enjoy an easy drinking bottle of wine with your significant other on a low-key date night. A great wine list should provide these options and everything in between. After all, wine is meant for drinking and enjoying with others!

So, you think you have made a great wine list? Does it compliment the menu? Are your selections diverse and fantastic? Is there something for everyone? Double check that everything is perfectly balanced and there is something for everyone and you are on the right track! Impress your guests with new exciting wines and some classics to keep everyone satisfied and excited to dine at your restaurant. Check out Tuscan Prime and see how our wine selections perfectly balance all aspects of an incredible wine list!

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