The Prime Happy Meal You Can't Resist!

When opening a brand-new restaurant, it’s important to stand out and define what makes you special. When opening Tuscan Prime, we wanted to offer an incredible environment with the best food and wine and daily specials on Las Olas. In addition to specials and an olive tree dripping with crystals, we added the Tuscan Prime Happy Meal for an exciting, unique menu option!

Happy meals were first introduced in 1979 at McDonald’s in a red box with a main item, side, and toy. The toys have varied throughout the years and became arguably the main reason kids loved eating at McDonald’s. Adding the surprise gift was a perfect marketing ploy that kept kids coming back for more. At Tuscan Prime, we decided to replace the toy with a split of moët & chandon brut champagne and create a happy meal that any vacationer or local would love!

We have reconstructed the famous happy meal to be elevated to Tuscan Prime quality. Our happy meals include a prime burger topped with delicious melted gruyere cheese (upgrade to a surf and turf for an even more luxurious happy meal), a side of truffle fries, and a split of moët & chandon brut champagne. The ultimate decadence comes in the details because who said happy meals just have to be for kids?

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect destination for any getaway. Act like a kid when you’re on vacation and treat yourself to a prime happy meal you’ll love! From Tuesday ladies night with a Christian Louboutin raffle to a prime happy meal that trades the toy for a glass of champagne, Tuscan Prime’s specials are elevated for every diner to enjoy and helps us stand out on the boulevard.


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